Onsite wedding services are our specialty!

Our brides have been featured in countless wedding magazines and websites. Our talented team comes directly to your location for a truly relaxing experience. We coordinate directly with your wedding planner to make sure all details are established in advance. During your trial appointment, your inspiration photos will be reviewed followed by a discussion about your vision before beginning the style.

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Lavish in an organic custom preparation that leaves nothing to chance on your most special day. Relax and celebrate while we provide picture perfect styling, up-dos, lashes, nails and makeup for the bride, family members, guests and the entire wedding party.







Build in time for fun and relaxation on your wedding weekend. Full Circle can create a perfect time of connection and rejuvenation with a custom Bridal Spa Party or Bachelorette Spa Party as a bridal party gift. Laugh away the stress with bubbles & blowouts or invite treasured friends and family to connect mind and body with a memorable group yoga session before you begin wedding day preparations.





At Full Circle we believe every bride is unique, therefore, every wedding package is a custom selection from our extensive menu of delightful services. Choose any combination of hair, nails, makeup, massage and yoga to make your wedding day relaxing, beautiful and altogether unforgettable.




Photo by Ira Lippke

Photo by Ira Lippke




EVERY BRIDE SHOULD BEGIN WITH A MAKEUP CONSULTATION. During this consultation you will be asked to describe your current makeup routine and what you want to look like on your wedding day. Other important items to discuss are the location of your wedding (indoors/outdoors), time of day, colors, flowers and the ambiance of the wedding. Do you want a romantic, vintage, modern or natural look? Finally, the most important piece, the wedding dress! The color (warm/cool), neckline, jewelry and hairstyle will influence the look for your big day!

For your trial, wear a button down shirt as close to the color of your dress as possible, and also on the wedding day. If you show up in sweat pants and a t-shirt, it may be hard to envision the look for your wedding day. If you don’t have a button down close in color, wear something dressy to your trial. Also, have your veil and jewelry available if already picked out.

It’s important to communicate what you like and dislike about makeup during your trial. Being open and clear with your artist will only give you comfort knowing that she knows your preferences down to the lip color.

Schedule your first trial run no further than 2 months before your wedding date. If you plan to change your look at all (hair and/or skin color) wait to schedule your trial until your look is complete if you prefer. If you plan to tan your skin or have a spray tan applied for your wedding day, make sure you have it done for your trial as well. Depending on style described, we can recommend either air dry or wet hair for your appointment. We can send examples of our work if you have specific concerns; such as, wedding hairstyles for short hair, mother of the bride styles, and bridesmaids hair from wedding photos past. Your bridal hair and makeup should be done by a professional stylist and makeup artist to ensure you feel your best!

If you will be doing your own touch ups (lip color, powder) for the festivities, our artists can order the products used and provide them to you on wedding day. Simply request the order of those touch-up items during trial (lipstick, gloss, etc…)

Please feel free to call us at 970-923-3302 for even more information about our wedding hair and makeup services, or to schedule an appointment at our downtown salon in Aspen. If you are nearby, we also provide mobile beauty services for your convenience.

2-4 weeks before wedding day

Get a facial 1-2 weeks before coming to town, start prepping yur skin the moment you know you’re getting married if you have skin conditions that need to be addressed. Exfoliate the night before your trial, and if you have chapped lips, apply Aquaphor or original Blistex cream the night before, as well as the morning of.

DO NOT have your face or brows waxed right before your trial or wedding day. Your makeup will not easily blend. 7-10 days should be okay.

Do not pop any pre-wedding pimples. Instead use Visine to take the red out. Also, be sure to not dry out blemishes, as this makes it more difficult to flawlessly cover the area with makeup.

Day of

Stay hydrated, and keep SPF on your skin prior to your wedding and most importantly, drink and exorbitant amount of water before arriving to your high altitude wedding destination.

Exfoliate your lips by using a wash cloth and lip balm after your shower. This will help your lipstick stay on longer and create a smooth surface for application.

Let us take care of the rest!


BLOW OUTS – Arrive with wet, clean hair, or at least damp. Please do not put product in.

UP DO – For a full updo, it is best if the hair has been washed either the night before or the same morning dependent upon whether you wash your hair every day or not. Good rule of thumb is to blow dry hair upside down after using volumizing mousse or blow dry product if you will be blow drying your hair yourself prior to style.

2-4 Weeks Prior

We require photos of makeup/hair styles you like in advance so experimentation and/or searching for photos on electronic devices at the time of appointment can be avoided. You can share these photos via email. Simply notify us when you’ve set up a pin board ready for viewing.

Make sure your eyebrows are groomed at least 1 week prior to wedding day.

Get a facial 2-3 weeks before coming to town. Exfoliate the night before the ceremony and if you have chapped lips apply Aquaphor or original Blistex cream the night before and the morning of.

If anyone has odd tan lines, have them apply gradual self-tanner to the lighter areas for two weeks to help even it out, we recommend Jergens in fair to light for most skin tones.

Get plenty of rest (at least try to), drink lots of water and do some gentle exfoliation every day for glowing skin, check your chest and back for any blemishes, use an anti-acne body wash with a plastic brush to clear anything up.

Stay hydrated and keep SPF on your skin prior to arriving to Colorado, and most importantly as soon as you get out here! Drink an exorbitant amount of water before arriving to your high altitude wedding destination.

Day of

Shower first thing in the morning so you’re ready for the bride’s festivities, regardless of your appointment time. Also, have all makeup removed the night before.

Show up with a clean, moisturized face. Or, if you’re very particular with your makeup, we suggest that you arrive with pictures of your everyday makeup.

Not only communicate what you want, but also what you don’t like about makeup. Being open and clear with your artist will only give you comfort knowing that she knows your likes and dislikes.

Let the stylist know at the time of the appointment whether you have any skin issues before preparation. Bring lipstick and/or gloss for touch-ups during festivities.


Are your bridesmaids going to have their hair and makeup done on your wedding day? It’s best to have a consistent and professional look applied by the experts!

Purchase some blotting papers to take down shine for photos without adding extra product.

Please do not try any new skincare products or get facials/microdermabrasion if you never have before. We want to avoid any reactions within 1 month of wedding date.

If you use any eye cream, be sure to use only at night. Creams need your sleep time to absorb fully to work its best during the skin’s rejuvenation process. If you also use an eye product during the day, try serums or rollers. These products absorb fast and provide great results without creasing after makeup application.

For the wedding day, every woman in the bridal party should wear loose button-down tops and no bras (they will leave unwanted marks on the skin).

Please remember if you or anyone in the bridal party is doing an updo or curls, do not wash your hair the morning of the wedding. For best results hair should be washed the day before and kept free of styling products.

If you have natural hair, let us know how you like to style your curls! We can arrange for extra time or even an appointment prior to wedding day at our salon location to ensure you’re curls are well taken care of before styling on event day. We can de-tangle, deep condition, and dry with or without twist out for the curl definition you prefer. Already had your wash? No problem! We can co-wash for added weight and definition.

Pick one or two styles for hairstylists to choose from and keep in mind the more complicated the style, the longer it will take.

Clarify with the wedding party prior to wedding day what each person will owe for hair and makeup, so there is no last minute confusion settling the bills.

Create a playlist with your favorite music to help you relax and enjoy the day.

Pack your jewelry, shoes, perfume, undergarments, something old, something borrowed, and something blue, along with any sentimental items you want to have with you. (Have your bag packed before you start hair and makeup)

Plan on eating that morning and afternoon, an empty stomach plus adrenaline equals a fainting spell waiting to happen.

On the wedding day, be sure the flowers/bouquets are blotted with towels if they are in water before bridal party picks them up to avoid water marks on dresses.